Every meal tastes best when you share it with someone… so it is worth taking care of its proper setting.

Cutlery has become so obvious in everyday life that we no longer appreciate its value. It is a pity. It was not so long ago that cutlery was an evidence of the standard of living. Only the most noble citizens could afford tableware made of stainless steel. Gold- or silver-plated, sometimes polished to shine, it was the pride of housewife. Every feast in its company grew into a magnate celebration, and every bite, tasted with steel cutlery, was a real celebration.

The production method developed over 275 years ago gave cutlery its greatest asset, which is durability. That is why our collections are available under the brand name MAGNUS – a synonym for power, greatness and reliability. Driven by an extraordinary passion for combining durable objects with aesthetic accents, we gave Magnus cutlery a modern style, delicate shapes and perfectly smooth edges.